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"What can Danish engineering companies bring to the table in Southeast Asia?" - by Sweco

In a series of flash interviews, we ask leading Danish solutions providers to bring forward their opinions, views and recommendations for green transition across Southeast Asia. Here, Sweco’s Director and Executive Vice President, Jeppe Madsen, presents his take on why Danish engineering companies are relevant in a Southeast Asia context.

We presented Sweco with the following question: "Given the abundance of local and foreign engineering consultancies operating in Southeast Asia, what is the single most unique value that Danish engineering companies can bring to the table?”

Who is Sweco according to Sweco?

For more than 40 years Sweco Danmark A/S has been active in international infrastructure and sustainable development. We provide technical assistance and project management services to multilateral agencies and local governments focusing on Africa, Asia and Europe. We have a representative office in Hanoi and are currently working on multiple projects in Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos in the fields of climate, roads, energy, environment, water and wastewater. Overall, our goal is to plan and design the sustainable communities and cities of the future. More information here.

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