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Who We Are

Green Denmark in Southeast Asia is initiated and managed by the Danish Trade 

Council. As an open community of thought leaders and Danish companies, we aim 

to accelerate sustainable development and green collaboration between Southeast 

Asia and Denmark.

As part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, The Trade Council performs tasks for private companies within export, innovation, internationalisation and investment promotion. Green Diplomacy and promoting sustainable business opportunities is at the heart of our services. By connecting green Danish players to public institutions and like-minded businesses across Southeast Asia, we aim to harvest the best of our regions’ potential and strongholds to push

sustainable development and green transition. To reap the benefits of merging climate diplomacy and private expertise, we have initiated the Green Denmark in Southeast Asia Community. Based on knowledge from Danish companies, thought leaders and institutional players, we want to share innovations, forward-looking solutions and the latest research through opinions pieces, insights, analysis and events. 

Our Mission

"By establishing an open, vibrant community, we aim to connect leading public and private thought leaders to inspire and

promote green collaboration and sustainable development between Southeast Asia and Denmark".

Our Vision

"By linking climate diplomacy, private sector expertise, green ambitions and environmental thought leadership, we

want to accelerate the implementation of sustainable solutions and practices in Southeast Asia and Denmark".

Solution Providers

Trade Organisations, Associations & Clusters

Institutional Investors, Funding & Credit Agencies