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Event Summary: Secure Financing, Funding, and Future Partnerships for Green Infrastructure

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

On 28th June 2021, GreenDKinSEA members and distinguished speakers from International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Development Finance International (DFI) came together for an exclusive briefing hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore. It was an enlightening webinar on how to obtain funding for sustainable infrastructure project development in Southeast Asia. Below, we summarize main take-home messages and presentation material from the event.

Agenda & Line up of Speakers:

International Finance Corporation's (IFC) strategy for green infrastructure development and related funding vehicles

Download IFC's presentation

IFC Keynote_Slides
Download • 1.37MB

IFC's areas of investment

IFC is one of the members of The World Bank Group. The entity is a global leader in private sector development, working with experts to provide comprehensive solutions to clients in developing countries to address today’s greatest development challenges. IFC has a local presence in 94 countries around the world, with more than US$285bn invested since 1956. It provides a unique perspective, the opportunity for value-added to clients while finding suitable local partners and linking those with their clients.

Overview over projects and project trends in Southeast Asia

Supporting inclusive growth is one of IFC’s priorities in South East Asia, where approximately US$3bn is in the committed portfolio. IFC invests in projects across multiple sectors from agribusiness to infrastructure. With the majority of investments going to Energy, Transport, and Utilities (Water & Waste).

Snapshot of IFC’s Energy business

Renewable energy remains a significant part of IFC’s climate investments. IFC has invested $8 billion into energy as of June 2020 and is increasingly working upstream to open markets for new technologies and working with companies and regulators to scale energy storage markets in emerging economies as well as enabling more renewable energy to enter the grid.

Global Footprint in Water, Waste, and Municipal Sectors

Water and Waste is another space that IFC is prioritizing. IFC helps its waste partners take advantage of scaling circular solutions such as recycling, refuse-derived fuel, anaerobic, digestion, and waste-to-energy plants. IFC plays the role of enabling partnerships between governments and private operators to bring the needed capital, expertise, and technology to improve water access and services. Working alongside government, civil society, and other stakeholders, the private sector can provide complementary knowledge, experience, and insight to address critical issues of water resource management.

Project Development Facility

IFC's support across the innovation ecosystem takes on a holistic investment approach in the entire entrepreneurial and venture capitalist (VC) ecosystem. Its portfolio reached over US$1.4bn in aggregate size with over 60 direct and co-investments and over 50 investments in VC funds, seed funds, and accelerators.

IFC InfraVentures is a US$150 million global infrastructure project development fund is a unique early-stage infrastructure project development facility designed to address the key constraints of private investment in infrastructure projects in frontier markets. It can fund up to US$8 million of a project’s expenses at an early stage of development, or 20-30% of the capital at risk required. Additionally, IFC InfraVentures’ experienced staff are actively involved, thereby adding the necessary expertise to the development team.

Investment process

It is important to point out that no two projects are the same. As such, although the different stages of investment remain similar from project to project, project timelines vary from weeks to years:

  1. Strategy

  2. Conduct on-site due diligence

  3. Credit committee approval

  4. Proceed with disclosure

  5. Approval

For more information on IFC’s past and current investments, and overview of project developers, please refer to:

Contact information

Lubomir Varbanov (Mr)

New Business Manager, East Asia Pacific

International Finance Corporation


Mobilizing development funds to accelerate operational & supply chain sustainability

Download the presentation

DFI Keynote - Secure Financing, Funding, and Future Partnerships for Green Infrastructure
Download • 5.16MB

Development Finance International - an expert in securing development funding from IFIs

DFI is an international business development advisory company providing a strategy-through-execution approach. It brings a distinct perspective to emerging market challenges and solutions by assisting companies secure funding from International Financial Institutions (IFIs). With $200bn annual IFI funding across sectors and thousands of projects and partnerships, the opportunities are immense.

Leveraging IFI financing to unlock business growth involves three areas:

  1. Top-line growth: procurement, new markets, firm budget, transparent, process

  2. Co-funding: Capital expenditure/Operating expenditure offset, costs savings, risk management, sustainability and quality, sourcing, equity

  3. Thought leadership: Seat at the table, visibility, branding, events, best practices, case studies

Overview of various funding mechanisms

Funding mechanisms for projects to accelerate operational & supply chain sustainability vary across the value chain as illustrated below:

How can the private sector take advantage of the opportunities?

Some of the most successful factors when pursuing and leveraging IFI funding are:

  1. Alignment with IFI and government priorities at project level and in the "language" used to communicate project goals.

  2. Proactive, early, and continuous engagement with IFIs and key stakeholders.

  3. Dedicated resources (co-funding)

Contact information

Dave de la Cuesta (Mr)

Head Asia Operations

Development Finance International Inc.


Contact the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore for more information about business opportunities and how Denmark seeks to inspire green transition in Southeast Asia:

Mark Edward Perry

Sector Expert at Royal Danish Embassy Singapore

Phone: +65 9088 5567


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