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"Peers on the ground" by ULTRAAQUA UV - market expectations in light of COVID-19

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

As an integral part of the Green Denmark in Southeast Asia community, we aim to highlight the latest developments, insights and forecasts from leading Danish companies and solutions providers present on the Southeast Asian markets.

In our "Peers on the ground" article series we zoom in on market expectations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the following, we share insights from ULTRAAQUA UV, a manufacturer of high-quality UV-disinfection systems for both municipal and industrial water treatment applications.

What are the immediate effects of COVID-19 on your activities in Southeast Asia?

ULTRAAQUA UV is working in many countries in Southeast Asia. Despite the Covid-19 situation, it has been growing market for us especially in Vietnam, where the situation was cleared in a short time compared to many other countries. The immediate effects are mainly related to delays. So far, there has not been any cancelled projects.

How has the crisis affected the way you operate and act in Southeast Asia?

We have learned to use more online meeting platforms at least. The big decision was to open an office to Singapore in order to serve customers faster throughout the region.

Do you see immediate opportunities arising in light of the current crisis?

As ULTRAAQUA UV is manufacturing water disinfection systems, we, of course, take note that there is increasing awareness around disinfecting water. While this is an immediate effect, we see these opportunities more as a long term change.

Looking beyond COVID-19, which lasting change or new trends do you foresee within your commercial focus areas in Southeast Asia?

There will definitely be more focus on water reuse as well as more sustainable water treatment technologies. Water reuse will have a huge impact as it will be covering areas from a municipal water treatment to land-based aquaculture, which are the growing markets for us in SEA.

What is your best advice for new players eyeing markets in Southeast Asia at this stage?

The best advice for the new players would be to get properly established in the region and find good partners to work with in each of the countries.

Get in touch for more information about ULTRAAQUA UV:

Yin Chi Lu

Sales & Marketing at ULTRAAQUA UV



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