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In a bid to build back better, Denmark's green frontrunners increase their presence in Singapore

"In times like these with competing priorities, we have to push even harder to deliver on our ambitions for green transition. I am therefore pleased to see Denmark’s green frontrunners continuously increase their presence in Singapore and I look forward to following Danfoss’ new chapter as we seek to Build Back Better and Greener.” – H.E. Sandra Jensen Landi

On November 24th, Ambassador of Denmark in Singapore, Sandra Jensen Landi, took part in the inauguration of Danfoss' new training center in Singapore. The training center will showcase and train companies in the region on Danfoss solutions to maximize energy efficiency and lower the carbon footprint of buildings and district energy systems to drive sustainability and digitalisation efforts across the board. Furthermore, the training center serves as a place to hold basic hands-on operating demonstrations benefitting new entrants to the industry seeking to accelerate their exposure to and understanding of the intricacies of maximizing energy efficiency for sustainability.

Ambassador Sandra Jensen Landi and Niels Robert Arbjerg, President Asia, Pacific Region at Danfoss tour Danfoss' new training center

In her keynote, H.E Sandra Jensen Landi further elaborated:

Green recovery is crucial. A sustainable restart of the global economy must be front and center as we respond to the current pandemic. We have to use this moment to Build Back Better and Greener. Visionary companies like Danfoss, progressive countries like Singapore and strong partnerships like Singapore and Denmark’s are essential in pushing ahead on green international recovery. Now is a call for corporate and public leadership.

Moreover, the Ambassador emphasised Singapore's climate role:

Being one of the world’s most densely populated countries, Singapore acts as a world-class test-bed for new solutions to lower the carbon footprint of buildings and district energy systems. Further, Singapore is strongly committed to progress as a sustainable smart nation. Singapore was among the first 55 parties to ratify the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Singapore has pledged to halve its emissions by 2050 and Singapore is deploying a host of strategies centered on improving energy efficiency to reach this target. Both Singapore and Denmark have committed to take leadership and utilize our innovation abilities to seek green opportunities. In times like these with competing priorities, we have to take lead and deliver on the promises to our partners and populations. Only by doing so, we can ensure that green recovery is a race to the top.

And Denmark’s climate ambitions and responsibility:

Denmark took a hard look at its energy policies and what the future should look like back in the 70’s. Back then, we decided it should be green and independent of fossil fuels. It wasn’t easy. There was a lot of bumps on the way and we didn’t have the capabilities. We believe in the visions so we asked our industries and academia to rethink their priorities. It was a gamble, but today, it is one of many reason why I am able to stand here next to one of the world’s leading solution providers within energy solutions. Now, our citizens demand higher ambitions. And our cities push for faster, greener and more efficient transition. Our capital, Copenhagen, aims to be the first city to become carbon neutral by 2025. Last year, our government set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 70% in 2030 and reach CO2 neutrality in 2050. That’s a lot! When you consider that Denmark is already one of the most climate friendly countries in the world, it might even sound like a moonshot. And yes, it is perhaps a moonshot. But to most Danes, this is the only shot we get.

Get in touch for more information about business opportunities in Singapore:

Mark Edward Perry

Trade Advisor at Royal Danish Embassy Singapore

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