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Singapore Allocates DKK 300 Million to National Robotics Programme: Opportunities for Danish Robotics Solutions Providers

If you are interested in expanding your Danish robotics company to the thriving Singaporean robotics industry, this might be the opportunity you are looking for. Large government investments in the robotics industry opens lucrative opportunities for Danish robotics solutions providers to enter the Singaporean market.

Danish Ambassador to Singapore, Mrs Sandra Jensen Landi with Executive Director Prof Quek Tong Boon, National Robotics Programme and the team which visited Denmark Q4 2022.

In April, the Singaporean government allocated DKK 300 million to National Robotics Programme (NRP) to help spur robot adoption for industry applications under the new RoboCluster initiative. The strategic investments helps Singapore positions itself as a hub for robotics innovation, promoting a sector where companies are eager to collaborate and form partnerships.

The RoboCluster Initiative

The RoboCluster initiative is a R&D collaboration platform for NRP to bring collaborations closer and translate R&D into enterprise and applications for industries at market place.

The slew of industries benefitting from RoboCluster Initiative and government funding for adopting robots to perform dangerous, dirty and dull tasks include:

  • Facilities management, security

  • Maritime, intralogistics

  • Hospitality, healthcare

  • Food production and processing

The facilities management is the first sector to benefit from RoboCluster Initiative. This initiative will see NRP bringing experts and industry players together for knowledge and technology-sharing, to drive adoption of the robotics solutions. NRP had backed projects for facilities management, with launch of robots for specialised cleaning for building exterior and installations, and robots for detecting pest infestation.

What do these mean to Danish robotics solutions providers?

  • If you have an agnostic robotics solutions, Singapore is a ready market where you can find high-quality robotics companies to collaborate/partner with to provide a full-value chain of solutions and grow your business in a new market.

  • It is common for Singapore robotics companies to have multi-market coverage, i.e. the local collaborator/partner can bring your business from Singapore to other markets in Southeast Asia.

  • If your robotics solutions have use cases in Europe or USA, the Singaporean market will be very interested to hear more to ascertain if you can be a suitable business partner for them to work with.

  • In Singapore, the Danish robotics cluster enjoys good reputation for innovation, collaboration, high-standards, modular designs and competences in English. There are open doors awaiting to welcome Danish robotics companies.

Keen to find out more about business opportunities in Singapore?

If you are a Danish robotics company, you can sign up for a trade mission to Singapore, 4 to 6 September 2024 to:

  • meet with key stakeholders at market place.

  • gain a good sense of business opportunities that await you in this part of the world.

Who to contact

Chin Ee CHAI, Trade Advisor:

Embassy of Denmark in Singapore



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