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Denmark's green transition began with the oil crisis back in the 70s. Today, and decades of development later, Denmark is a frontrunner within wind and solar power - a position serving as a launch pad to share experiences and help other countries embark on the same green journey.

Since 1980, Denmark has managed to decouple economic growth from its overall energy consumption. Denmark's GDP has increased by 100 per cent, while the energy consumption has only increased by 6 per cent and water consumption has decreased by 40 per cent. This is living proof that economic growth and green growth can go hand in hand.


Danish experiences show that only through strong public-private partnerships it has been possible to find such successful ways of devising solutions to many of the sustainable development challenges. All while profiting. Going forward, Denmark aims to be fossil-free by 2050, cut emissions by 70% from 1990-level over the next decade and host the world's free carbon-neutral capital. Denmark may be small, but we believe that our position and experience serves to help other nations around the globe to accelerate their green transition. And most importantly, we know that only with support, expertise, and innovation from other countries we may achieve our own green goals.

By connecting todays's green frontrunners through this community, we seek to inspire new sustainable development and solutions in partnership between Danish and Asian thought leaders. Read more about Danish expertise and how we seek to collaborate within each of the sectors below.

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