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Green Denmark in Southeast Asia welcomes contributions and insights from sustainable frontrunners and green thought leaders


If you want to share knowledge, provide inspiration, convey sustainable news, latest research or relevant upcoming events we would love to hear from you. External contributions to inspire and promote green transition will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis, however, certain minimum requirements apply.

Content requirements:

  • Content must have scientific, commercial or inspirational relevance (i.e. purely commercial promotion of products and/or services will not be published).

  • Inputs shall come from contributors recognised as industry thought leaders, business leaders or experts within their field.

  • Content must somehow be linked to Denmark, Danish opportunities and/or include prior, current or potential collaboration with public or private players from Denmark. 

  • Contributions must be written in English with adequate proofreading. 

  • Contributions must be 300 words or above to be published as an insight piece.

  • Contributions must be 300 words of above to be published as a solution piece.

  • Contributions must be 500 words or above to be published as an opinion piece. 

  • Contributions must include one high-resolution photo with acquired copyrights.

  • Content may include links, video and/or other visual elements if these underline the contributions scientific, commercial or inspirational relevance.

Content types:

Insights - usually scientific, fact-based insights and news pieces covering trends, developments or commercial opportunities to provide deeper or new understanding of a specific area. Minimum 300 words.

Solutions - Usually more technical content pieces describing innovations, solutions and/or new technologies. Minimum 300 words.

Opinions - a written prose piece expressing the personal opinion of the author. Often written by a subject-matter expert, a person with unique perspectives or a recognised thought leader. Minimum 500 words. ​

Events - teasers, invitations and promotion of upcoming events relevant to topics covered by Green Denmark Asia. Purely commercial promotions will not be published. 

Send your contribution or need more information?

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