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Would you like to share green expertise with other thought leaders and potential partners across Asia? Green Denmark in Southeast Asia is constantly looking 

for leading Danish companies and institutions to join the community.

Green Denmark in Southeast Asia is designed to share and generate knowledge, analyses, debates and other insights within the topics of environmental and sustainable development. The community relies on expertise, essential insights, research, next-gen solutions and innovations from private, public and institutional partners. If you want to share one or all of the above and engage with potential partners across Asia, then become a community members. 

What do I stand to gain from joining the community?

With the joint aim of branding and positioning green Danish expertise where it truly matters, community members will directly leverage on climate diplomacy and green export initiatives by the The Trade Council to gain awareness and attention amongst key Asian stakeholders. Based on your engagements and success stories, your solutions and expertise may feature in thought leadership pieces and articles promoting Denmark as a whole. Simultaneously, you will get access to the latest trends, business opportunities and developments relating to Asia’s green economy and sustainable transition.

What do you expect from me?

As a community member, we expect that you will actively contribute to convey Denmark’s green expertise. You can do so by sharing insights and opinions demonstrating your expertise, by sharing cases stories and solutions, or simply by spreading the content of Green Denmark’s expertise as communicated through this community.

How much does it cost to join?

Joining Green Denmark in Southeast Asia is free of charge.


Why have you started this initiative?

This initiative seeks to match Asia's need of forward-thinking and sustainable solutions with Denmark's green expertise and experience. Green Denmark in Southeast Asia is a natural step in Denmark’s aim to become a green super power. Asia is in need of forward-thinking and practical green solutions. Denmark can partner up. By shedding light on green Danish expertise, Asian developments and future partnership opportunities between decision-makers and thought leaders, we aim to promote collaboration for green transitions in both Asia and Denmark. 

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