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The Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore is now carbon neutral

Based on the average CO2 emission per citizen in Singapore, average carbon capture capability of tropical trees, and the number of employees, the Embassy is planting 2040 trees through local reforestation projects across Asia. In addition to offsetting the Embassy’s combined annual carbon footprint, the project also protects biodiversity and creates jobs in some of the region’s poorest areas.

The tree planting is in line with the Embassy’s dedicated efforts to greening its presence. A journey which was accelerated in early 2018 when an internal green team was created. Awareness campaigns and energy-saving installations, yearly beach clean-ups for the local Danish community, carbon-neutral Denmark Day celebrations and a new ‘Green Denmark in Southeast Asia’ community have been among the cornerstones in engaging both the public and the private to enhance climate actions locally.

While thrilled to be carbon neutral, the Embassy is fully aware that tree planting cannot stand alone as the remedy to climate change. But at least, tree planting can be a simple and effective solution with instant social impact.

Read more about the project here at One Tree Planted.

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