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Sign up! Webinar on environmentally friendly fire protection for data centers

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Save the date! Tuesday the 13th of April at 11.00 SGT

Join Green Denmark in Southeast Asia community member, VID Firekill, for an introduction to environmentally fire protection systems for data centers. Click here to register.

Fire protection is an activity that aims at reducing further damage to the environment. One of the biggest changes in fire protection has been legislation that reduces or even prohibits the use of some established fire protection solutions.

After the banning of Halon based systems, more recent regulation is impacting future use of hydrofluorocarbon based systems. In fact, some clean agents like FM200 are being phased out in certain countries due to their negative effect on the environment.

In their webinar on Tuesday the 13th of April at 11.00 SGT, the team from VID Firekill will introduce the use of low water & low energy consuming solutions for fire protection of data centers.

For more information you may contact

Miguel Martinez

Global Business Development Manager

Additional resources

Data Center Brochure VID Fire-Kill 2020
Download • 1.34MB

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