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Join us! Gain insights into Super Critical Water Oxidation & destruction of recalcitrant organics

  • May 10th, 3pm to 4pm Singapore time

  • Register by emailing your interest to Senior Commercial Advisor, Royal Danish Embassy, Mark Perry, at

What is Super Critical Water Oxidation, how does it work, and what are the advantages & trade-offs compared to incineration processes?

In this knowledge exchange webinar, CEO and founder of Aquarden Technologies, Zhuoyan Cai, will share how Super Critical Water Oxidation (SCWO) facilitates the complete destruction of hardly degradable organics, such as PFAS, as well as advantages & trade-offs when compared to incineration processes.

In collaboration with Access Cities

Access Cities is an international, public-private project, which aims to strengthen sustainable urban development in five project cities; Singapore, New York City, Munich and the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus. The project connects actors working with sustainable urban development in the pursuit of game-changing solutions to common issues confronting cities worldwide.


Event programme

  • 3:00 pm - Introduction to Access Cities, by Allan Teo

  • 3:03 pm - Introduction to Green Denmark in Southeast Asia, by Mark Perry

  • 3:05 pm - Super Critical Water Oxidation and use cases, by Zhuoyan Cai

  • 3:40 pm - Q&A

  • 4:00 pm - End of event

Download the event EDM here:

Knowledge exchange_Super Critical Water
I-download ang • 562KB

Date and time

May 10th 2021, 3pm to 4pm Singapore time (UTC+08:00)


Register by emailing your interest to Senior Commercial Advisor, Royal Danish Embassy, Mark Perry, at Please feel free to share any questions you may have before the event. Upon receiving your expression of interest, you will receive an individual WebEx invitation and access link to the event.

Get in touch for more information about business opportunities in Singapore:

Mark Edward Perry

Trade Advisor at Royal Danish Embassy Singapore

Phone: +65 9088 5567

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