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The Green Accelerator, a new financing facility to boost green Danish export by EKF

Danish business alliances can now apply for funding from the Danish Export Credit Agency's (EKF), Green Accelerator to speed up efforts in exporting green solutions.

Get up to 80% of all expenses related to preparation of green export initiatives funded. That is the amount of financial support green Danish business alliances can receive to cover their preparatory project cost, such as external consultancy, legal advisory and export assistance, via the new funding facility. In order to apply for support under the Green Accelerator, business alliances (two companies or more) must support green transition or climate adaptation, including implementation of renewables, promotion of energy efficient solutions, improved water management, food safety and phasing out of fossil fuels end reduced carbon emissions.

In total, DKK 30 million has been earmarked for project funding. Practically, funding can be used for feasibility studies, market analyses, travel costs, ESG compliance analyses, marketing, promotion and a range of other services.

The first application window is released in December 2020. New application windows will be announced throughout 2021. You can find more information about your funding opportunities and the exact requirements and guidelines here.

A central requirement for applications is that the application has a strategic fit with the selected market and the local needs. We therefore encourage interested companies to stay on top of local initiatives and development needs via the community. You can also get in touch with Trade Advisors at the Danish Embassies across the region for guidance and personal sparring. As point of entry, you may reach out to Mark Perry, Senior Commercial Advisor in Singapore, on

Who is EKF, the Danish Export Credit Agency?

EKF is Denmark’s Export Credit Agency who helps Danish export by making it possible and attractive for customers abroad to purchase products from Danish companies. EKF does so by helping raise financing and by insuring companies and banks against the potential financial and political risks of trading with other countries. EKF assist both large and small companies. More information about EKF here.

Contact us more information about Denmark's engagement in driving green transition in Southeast Asia:

Magnus H. Mernild

Head of Communications & Public Diplomacy at the Royal Danish Embassy Singapore

Phone: +65 9636 3819

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