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Secure your seat! Exclusive Business Briefings for GreenDKinSEA members

Stay on top of economic developments, political priorities and commercial avenues to drive your business in 2021. We invite all members of the Green Denmark in Southeast Asia Community to join our exclusive business briefings held in collaboration with State of Green, the Danish Export Association and the Confederation of Danish Industry.

To provide partners, members and collaborators a common viewpoint and the best possible outlook to enhance green collaboration between Denmark and Southeast Asia, our line of briefings aim to cover a wide scope of topics spanning from funding to infrastructure and technology trends. You can download the programme and find the tentative calendar below:

Exclusive Business Briefings, GreenDKinS
Unduh • 1.06MB


‘Your Funding for Internationalisation and Project Development in Southeast Asia’

Q2: Business Briefing by Bloomberg: ‘Recovery & Rebound: Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia.’

Q2: Join Hands with the International Finance Corporation, World Bank: ‘Secure Financing, Funding and Future Partnerships for Green Infrastructure’

Q3: Prospects by Danish Ambassadors to Southeast Asia: ‘A Post-Pandemic SEA: Green Growth and Danish Export Perspectives’

Q3: Stay On Top with the UNDP Global Centre for Tech, Innovation & Sustainability & SGInnovate: ‘Sustainable Technology Trends in Southeast Asia’

* final speakers’ line-up and timings are subject to change.

Conditions & Practicalities

Business briefings are exclusive to members of the Green Denmark in Southeast Asia community. By confirming your participation, you automatically sign-up for all of the business briefings. At each session, your organisation may be present with up to three representatives. Representatives can be based in Denmark and/or Southeast Asia as all events with be aligned according to the time difference.

All companies and organisations’ participation will be registered as a free-of-charge service amounting to five hours of Trade Council engagement in 2021. A minimum of 20 confirmed organisations is needed to carry out the briefings.

Sign-up by reaching out to:

Senior Commercial Advisor

Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore

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