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"How to solve leaks in Southeast Asia’s utilities and water networks?" - by Kamstrup

In a series of flash interviews, we ask leading Danish solutions providers to bring forward their opinions, views and recommendations for green transition across Southeast Asia. Here, Kamstrup’s Senior Vice President APAC & Managing Director Asia Pacific, Knud Bonde, presents his take on potential drivers and regulations to beat utilities leaks in Southeast Asia.

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We presented Kamstrup with the following question: “According to Asian Development Bank, utilities in Southeast Asia lose up to 65% of their production daily, with most utilities averaging a 30% loss. In your opinion, what are the needed drivers and regulations to beat the leaks?”

Who is Kamstrup according to Kamstrup?

At Kamstrup, we believe no one should have to question their access to clean water or the prospect of a sustainable energy future. Our smart metering solutions empower utilities and societies to reduce water loss and increase energy efficiency by providing them with the insight to act and the data to target their efforts. Our ambition is to revolutionize the supply of clean water and energy through intelligence. From intelligent meters and remote reading systems to project management and services, we deliver high-quality solutions for utilities, businesses and private properties who depend on reliable consumption data. More information about Kamstrup here.

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Shen Ho

Regional Coordinator

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