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Energy delegation to the Philippines on 6-8 September 2022

THE ROYAL DANISH EMBASSY MANILA, with the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Export Association, and State of Green invites you and your company to take part in the Energy Delegation in the Philippines.

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THE PHILIPPINES is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, with a forecasted GDP growth of 6% in 2022 (ADB). With a population of over 109 million people, and an annual population growth of 1-2%, the Philippines is witnessing a steep increase in urbanization, as urbanized cities remain the main hubs of commercial and economic activities.

THE ENERGY SECTOR IN THE PHILIPPINES primarily uses fossil fuels and is furthermore dependent on imports for over half of the country’s energy supply. To combat the poor energy infrastructure, the government in the Philippines has introduced the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) 2020-2040, which has set a target of increasing the share of renewables in the generation mix by 35% by 2030 and 50% by 2040. That equates to about 15GW of wind and solar by 2030. As of 2020, only about 21% of power is generated by renewables. The NREP seeks to attract local and foreign investments to help upgrade the use of alternative energy resources. One key development is the recently launched Offshore Wind Roadmap which charts out the potential for developing an offshore wind industry in the Philippines and which provides recommended actions to realize this potential.

With the Philippines having one of the highest electricity rates in Asia, the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Act in the country has encouraged developers to incorporate energy efficient practices in their design, construction, and operations. There is a growing interest in efficient technology options – or a combination thereof – to choose from, such as building envelope, mechanical systems (e.g. heating, air cooling, ventilation, water heating), electrical systems (e.g. lighting, electric motors, electric power and distribution), and use of energy efficient appliances.


Join the delegation to meet key stakeholders and tap into opportunities in the energy sector in the Philippines. The delegation also includes a meeting with the Asian Development Bank and a networking reception. As participant, you will get:

  • An opportunity to present your solutions to potential clients and partners

  • Network with Philippine companies within the energy sector

  • Support in arranging B2B meetings with interested players


The Energy Delegation 2022 is relevant for all companies involved in renewable energy (on/offshore wind, biomass, solar, hybrid solutions, energy storage, etc.) and energy-efficiency.


8.000 DKK (With a granted 75% support from the Trade Council and a minimum of 7 companies participating)


For any questions in relation to the event, please contact:


Ole Linnet Juul

Leading Senior Advisor

T: (+45) 3377 3018


Reza Dadufalza-Goyeneche

Senior Commercial Officer

T: (+632) 88658840

Invitation - Energy Delegation 2022
Unduh PDF • 684KB

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