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"Unlocking the potential of wastewater" - a webinar hosted by Singapore Water Association

Updated: Oct 7, 2020


On September 22nd 2020, 104 wastewater professionals from Singapore and Denmark gathered to exchange information, best practices and expertise. All in a bid to promote and explore cross-border collaboration opportunities under the new five-year environmental collaboration agreement (MoU) between Singapore and Denmark.

The agreement represents an excellent opportunity to form new climate partnerships and boost awareness of existing projects and collaborations in our respective regions. All with strong industrial and corporate partners in the driving seat.

Furthermore, the MoU cements Denmark’s political dedication to green transition. It outlines the frame for how Denmark seeks to drive environmental efforts and it acts as a roadmap for private players to collaborate with highly skilled, innovative and determined partners in Singapore, Denmark and Southeast Asia. The Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore has created a dedicated task force who will continuously develop joint activities under the new agreement.

In her introduction, H.E Sandra Jensen Landi, Denmark’s Ambassador to Singapore, further elaborated:

With the support of key stakeholders in Singapore and Denmark, we are off to a flying start. And this, despite the extremely difficult circumstances. We are rolling out engaging joint webinars such as this one today. We have increased our effort in capacity building to support Singapore’s new efforts towards coastal & flooding protection. And we are connecting leading green living labs and test-beds in Singapore and Denmark to provide easier access to piloting & test-bedding opportunities in both countries.

Moreover, H.E Sandra Jensen Landi emphasized:

“Singapore and Denmark in many ways are natural partners. Not just because of our demographic and societal similarities. But because we walk the talk”.

Moving forward

The webinar concluded with the following question addressed towards PUB’s Chief Engineering & Technology Officer, Dr Pang Chee Meng, and State of Green’s Deputy Director, Ms Tanya Jacobsen:

“What is your single best piece of advice for Singaporean/Danish water technology providers looking to explore collaboration opportunities in Denmark and Singapore respectively?”

My best advice is to understand the requirements from a Singapore context. Many of the requirements we have in Singapore are based on prior project experiences or our tropical climate, which could cause equipment and technologies to behave differently. It is best to listen to us, understand our needs, and prescribe correspondingly the type of solution that can meet the requirements. Danish companies are encouraged to form collaborations with the members of Singapore Water Association to gain a better understanding of the local context in Singapore - Dr Pang Chee Meng
A good place to start would be to go to State of Green’s website and look at our overview of stakeholders operating in the wastewater sector. The overview includes utilities, consultants, and technology providers working within different aspects of wastewater treatment. Teaming up with consultant engineering companies, such as Niras for instance, is a good gateway to the water utilities in Denmark - Ms Tanya Jacobsen.

Singaporean and Danish stakeholders wishing to explore collaboration opportunities under the framework of the environmental collaboration agreement between Singapore and Denmark are more than welcome to contact Singapore Water Association ( or the Royal Danish Embassy (Mark Perry, Senior Commercial Advisor, for more information on how to get involved.

On a final remark, there will be many opportunities to connect with likeminded professionals during IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen from 9-14 May 2021 and Singapore International Water Week in Singapore from 20-24 June 2021.

You can access a full recording of the webinar via Singapore Water Association’s website here.

Webinar Partners

Speakers (in order of appearance)

  1. Mr Dinesh Sharma, VP SWA – Welcome address.

  2. H.E Sandra Jensen Landi - "Introduction to the new environmental collaboration agreement between Singapore and Denmark".

  3. Dr Pang Chee Meng, Chief Engineering & Technology Officer, PUB - "Introduction to Singapore’s wastewater sector and future wastewater trends & developments".

  4. Dr Shailesh Kharkwal, CEO & co-founder, EnvironSens - "Intelligent Bio Sensor for Toxicity Monitoring".

  5. Ms Tanya Jacobsen, Deputy Director, State of Green - "Introduction to Denmark’s wastewater sector and future wastewater trends & developments".

  6. Mr Thomas Jensen, Head of Department, Niras - "Unlocking the potential of wastewater; Danish perspectives and best practices".

  7. Mr Thorkild Maagaard, Export Sales Director, Landia – "Landia’s wastewater technologies and adaptability towards local demands in Singapore".


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Get in touch for more information about business opportunities in Singapore:

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Trade Advisor at Royal Danish Embassy Singapore

Phone: +65 9088 5567

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